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Corporate Overview

By listening and reacting to the automotive, architectural and solar industries it serves, Glasstech has developed sophisticated and innovative glass systems that have built the company's reputation as a world leader. Glasstech's sales base of furnace systems includes virtually all major glassmakers in the world, and its systems are in use in more than 50 countries on six continents.

Glasstech continues to meet the evolving demands of customers worldwide through technological advancements that have helped the company become the global leader in the manufacturing of glass bending and tempering equipment.

All of the design innovations are in compliance with CE regulations for European product installation, and are in concert with Glasstech's worldwide ISO 9001 certification, which assures quality and continuous improvement processes.

Glasstech has remained at the forefront of glass bending and tempering technologies by focusing on important trends in the industry today.

Glasstech's growth has been fueled by innovations, which have resulted in a company and an industry that are light years ahead and are meeting the challenges of a new century.