To meet the needs of its growing installed base, Glasstech offers a comprehensive contract services program. Glasstech can custom design an economical service and support package for each Glasstech system.

This program gives the Glasstech system user priority access to Glasstech’s technical service/support structure. Within this program, a Glasstech customer receives an agreed number of days of on-site service within the contract period, and the service rate is discounted from Glasstech's normal on-demand service rates.

The service is particularly applicable to:

  • Training
  • Furnace/equipment audits
  • Technical support
  • Emergency assistance

Glasstech's contract services plan allows companies to budget a predictable amount of resources for technical support. It also ensures that a customer will receive priority attention when it is needed. Many companies have a need for additional maintenance and process support. Glasstech's technicians, skilled in all aspects of Glasstech systems, can supplement a customer's production and maintenance staff to maintain levels of productivity.

If regular, planned service can avert downtime significantly, the service has paid for itself. If technical assistance from Glasstech can restore production sooner, the service has proven its value. If equipment audits and training can enhance efficiency, the cost of the service has been justified.

To request a service proposal, please contact Glasstech.