FHC2™ Forced Convection Heating & Tempering System for Flat Glass

Glasstech's FCH2 is the world's leading system for the efficient processing of all types of flat architectural glass products. FCH2 offers the perfect combination of controlled, natural gas fired, forced convection heating along with Glasstech's superior tempering technology. In addition, the system can offer significant production savings when compared to electrical radiant heating.

The Glasstech FCH system, first introduced in 1992, quickly became the definitive means of heating high performance reflective and Low-E glass. This was because FCH could produce high quality float tempered glass economically and at higher production rates than traditional electric radiant heater (ERH) systems.

FCH can heat clear float in 30 seconds per millimeter of thickness compared with the 40 seconds per millimeter achievable on electric radiant systems. When it comes to high performance reflective, Low-E or low-iron glass, FCH2 can be twice as productive as a radiant system.

Experience has shown customers can realize considerable savings, depending on the differences in costs for gas and electricity. In certain locations, these savings can amount to $50,000 (U.S.) per shift per year!

For a calculation of potential energy savings for your application and location, please contact Glasstech today.



FCH2 Sell Sheet

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