From complex sidelites and backlites to windshields and simple gravity sag tooling, Glasstech has the technology and skills to support your needs. Glasstech continues to improve and expand on the industry’s most robust tooling package. This extends to making the tooling more cost effective through value engineering of the product.

Glasstech designs and manufactures the tooling supplied with its bending and tempering systems. The complex tooling required for automotive deep bend systems, in particular, must be matched precisely to the system and meet very demanding design specifications for shape and optics in the final glass product.

For DB 4™ customers, Glasstech has developed a new tooling set which provides a more economical solution for many parts, particularly low-volume complex-shaped parts. For more information on this new tooling offering, please contact Glasstech.

Glasstech has developed predictive software, known as Shape Modeler®, to analyze customer data and identify potential distortion in the finished parts. Using the output from Shape Modeler, Glasstech can produce tooling capable of eliminating the identified distortion from the final part.

To ensure this high level of quality, Glasstech can pretest tooling in a specially designed “prove-out” furnace. Customers are encouraged to attend the prove-out of their tool. In addition, Glasstech technicians are available for on-site assistance for tooling start-up and any production issues.

Tooling, prove-out, statistical analysis of the optics, start-up support – all proof of our commitment to ensure Glasstech systems worldwide continue to match or exceed the productivity for which they were designed.

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