TRCB™ Tight Radius Cylindrical Bending & Tempering System

Glasstech’s TRCB fosters design freedom and creativity the world over. The system bends and tempers glass quickly, easily and without long marks, and forms complex bends to exacting tolerances with the highest level of uniformity and optical quality.

TRCB is the leading system for the production of glass for display cases and shower enclosures, as well as booth panels, one-piece kiosks and furniture. Glass for these applications can be produced in shapes ranging from cylindrical parts to J bends to complex pieces with three flat sections and two tight radius bends.

Glasstech’s TRCB bends glass horizontally in a system which uses rollers and an easily adjustable bending fixture. No tongs and no costly molds are required. As a result, these are the leading systems used to produce display case glass seen in stores today, as well as the majority of high quality bent, tempered shower enclosure glass.




Advanced Bending

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