EPB-S™ External Press Bender System

The Glasstech EPB-S tempering/heat strengthening system was developed to produce very high quality bent parts economically, with an emphasis on creating highly accurate shapes while minimizing tooling costs. It’s ideal for the production of smaller, high volume spherical and parabolic shapes for CSP and CPV. EPB-S features fast cycle times and highly accurate perimeter and surface tolerances. The most productive EPB systems can produce 900 parts per hour.

EPB-S™ Glass Shaping & Processing System Advantages

  • Versatile, complex-bend glass processing
  • Spherical and parabolic shape capability
  • Scalable
  • Single and dual stream options
  • Can achieve a 3.5-second cycle time, depending on part configuration
  • Glass strengthening and flexibility
    • Tempered – 4–5 times stronger than annealed glass
    • Heat strengthened – 2 times stronger than annealed glass
    • Low-stress glass option
  • Independently bent parts suitable for lamination
  • Precision and energy savings
  • Low tooling cost

Precision, Repeatability and High Volume = Lower Part Cost

See brochure and product sheet for additional details.



EPB-S Sell Sheet


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