ERH2™ Electrical Radiant Heating & Tempering System for Flat Glass

Glasstech’s ERH2 is one of the world’s leading systems for processing all types of high quality flat architectural glass. ERH2 was designed and engineered for the glass producer who is concerned with cost effectiveness while maintaining the highest standards of excellence.

The electric radiant heater (ERH), the first type of heating system introduced by Glasstech, has been continuously updated and improved to ensure it continues to provide industry-leading performance.

The ERH2 system offers productivity and tempered glass quality that competitors strive to achieve. Extremely rugged, the system offers years – usually decades – of reliable performance with low maintenance.

Enhancements to the basic system are available to facilitate heating high performance reflective, Low-E and low-iron glass. These options include special nozzle systems with built-in preheaters that deliver hot air to the glass surface, allowing higher throughputs at competitive prices.



ERH2 Sell Sheet

Electrical radiant

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